[MBIX-News] IPv6 Live at MBIX

Jonathan Stewart jonathan.stewart at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 16:41:45 CDT 2013

Hello All,

Web article: http://www.mbix.ca/ipv6-live-at-mbix/

Since MBIX turned on, we have said that IPv6 was merely in testing. We are
now ready to call our IPv6 services production-ready.

Primarily, that means that our two route servers are working on IPv6, and
are properly configured.

The can be found at 2001:504:26::1:6395:11 and :12. We currently have BGP
sessions up with HE.net, Akamai, and Les.net, in addition to MBIX itself.

We encourage all connected networks to run dual stack of IPv4 and IPv6. We
can also help with questions about how IPv6 devices should be configured,
so please be bold. The MBIX-tech mailing list might be the best place to

Finally, thanks to HE.net for proving MBIX (AS16395) with free IPv6
transit, over the exchange fabric.

Thanks for your interest in MBIX,

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