[MBIX-News] AS55195 - CIRA, live at MBIX

Jonathan Stewart jonathan.stewart at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 17:26:37 CDT 2013

Hello all,


A second new member in as many days!

CIRA <http://www.cira.ca>, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority,
has turned up BGP at MBIX today.  Their AS55195 will be used for anycast
DNS services for the .ca domain.  While this service is not in production
yet, the routing is in place to any.ca-servers.ca:

jstewart at rs2:~$ sudo traceroute -I any.ca-servers.ca
traceroute to any.ca-servers.ca (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1  v10.core1.mbix.ca (  0.218 ms  0.218 ms  0.213 ms
2  AS55195-cira.mbix.ca (  0.294 ms  0.315 ms  0.317 ms
3 (  0.332 ms  0.335 ms  0.333 ms

This anycasted service, which will launch soon, will provide quicker DNS
answers to members of MBIX, improving the performance of their networks.

This is another step forward for MBIX, and bringing our total peer count up
to 10.
Thanks for your interest, and as always, feedback is welcome.

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