[MBIX-News] HBNI joins MBIX

Jonathan Stewart jonathan.stewart at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 19:00:24 CDT 2016

After working hard to get all the technical details right, we can announce
that HBNI <http://www.hbni.net/> (AS31914) is the newest connected MBIX

They’re connected at 1 Gbps at the 167 Lombard location.  They’re peering
with the route servers on IPv4, and working on full IPv6 peering in time.

HBNI serves Hutterite colonies throughout rural Manitoba, with a focus on
education.  Having their network directly connected to MBIX will serve to
increase the performance of this specialized ISP, and keeps more data
within Manitoba, lowering outside costs.

Thanks for your interest in MBIX

Jonathan Stewart
Network Administrator
Manitoba Internet Exchange
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