[MBIX-News] MBIX May updates

Jonathan Stewart jonathan.stewart at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 00:51:53 CDT 2013

Hello Everyone,

Recently, MBIX has been making great strides, and i've been forgetting to
update you all.

Here's a bullet list of things we've accomplished since the last time I
updated you.

- Fibre connections for transit have been completed
- Splicing of the MBIX cabinet fibre pigtails has been completed
- 1 GE fibre links to Les.net and Rainy Day patched through and lit
- Cat5e cabling in the MBIX cabinet has majorly been completed (for
management and route servers)
- BGP has been enabled between MBIX and its transit providers Les.net and
Rainy Day
- core1.mbix.ca has majorly been configured, remote access enabled via SSH
- IPv4 routing has been brought up, MBIX is on the v4 internet!
- IPv6 routing has been brought up through a temporary v6 tunnel to HE.net,
so we're on the IPv6 internet as well
- DNS has been updated, especially reverse DNS for our v4 and v6 blocks,
all DNSSEC signed
- CIRA has installed their DNS server nodes, and their NTP nodes
- CDMA reference clock turned on
- Cat 5e cabling between CIRA cabinet and MBIX cabinet has been run

Our next big steps are to configure the peering switch, and get our initial
peers up, including the route servers.

I'll keep the updates a bit more frequent now, things are really moving

Thanks for your interest,

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