[MBIX-News] Peering fabric operational

Jonathan Stewart jonathan.stewart at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 12:58:40 CDT 2013

Hello All,

A major milestone was crossed over the weekend: the first data was
exchanged over our Nexus 7004 peering fabric switch. Then yesterday we
connected the first ISP peer.

We now have these connected to the exchange:
- MBIX router
- RS1, RS2
- AS112
- Les.net

MBIX and Les.net are peering on IPv4 and IPv6.  AS112 is peering with MBIX
on IPv4 as well.

Here's an example traceroute, showing traffic going from Les.net to MBIX
management, via the exchange. is the MBIX peering network.

[jstewart at srv1 ~]$ traceroute rs1.mbix.ca
traceroute to rs1.mbix.ca (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1  bgpsrv2-bge0.nut.les.net (  0.384 ms  0.404 ms  0.397 ms
 2  AS16395-mbix.mbix.ca (  0.896 ms  0.884 ms  0.868 ms
 3  rs1.mbix.ca (  0.938 ms  0.931 ms  0.917 ms

Very cool, and very fast!

Also, I published and update on our website.


I hope to try to increase the frequency of the updates, but you tend to get
caught up in the tech details.

Thanks for your interest in MBIX!
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